SNSD Song ( NEW 2012)

  1. SNSD Taeyeon with Kangta – 7989
  2. SNSD- Hoot
  3. SNSD- Complete
  4. SNSD- The Boys
  5. SNSD- Trick
  6. SNSD- Vitamin
  7. SNSD- Day By Day
  8. SNSD- Etude
  9. SNSD- One Year Later
  10. SNSD- Bad Girl
  11. SNSD- OH!!
  12. SNSD- Cabi Song
  13. SNSD- Run Devil Run
  14. SNSD- Lets Talk About Love
  15. SNSD- HaHaHa
  16. SNSD- Girlfriend Boyfriend
  17. SNSD- Girlfriend
  18. SNSD- Boyfriend
  19. SNSD- My Child
  20. SNSD- Destiny
  21. SNSD- My J
  22. SNSD- Gee
  23. SNSD- Baby Baby
  24. SNSD- Bad Oppa
  25. SNSD- Genie ” Tell Me Your Wish”
  26. SNSD- In To New World
  27. SNSD- Mr. Taxi
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Maybe – Sunye Wonder Girls ( Dream High OST)

Chagaun gaseumi eoneusae jogeumssik
Noga naeryeonna bwa niga deureowasseo
Geurigo nado mollae nae gaseumeul chaewosseo

Eonjenbuteoinga jibe doraomyeon
Neoreul tteoolligo inneun nae moseubeul
Bomyeonseo nae mam soge niga inneun geol arasseo

Maybe you’re the one
Maybe eojjeomyeon
Eojjeomyeon niga
Naega gidarin banjjogingeonji

Maybe it is true
Eonjena neomu
Gakkai isseoseo mollasseonnabwa
Baby I’m in love with you

Cheoeumen mollasseo naega neol ireoke
Tteoollige doel jul saranghage doel jul
Ni mamdo jebal ireon nae maeumgwa gatgireul

Maybe you’re the one
Maybe eojjeomyeon
Eojjeomyeon niga
Naega gidarin banjjogingeonji

Maybe it is true
Eonjena neomu
Gakkai isseoseo mollasseonnabwa
Baby I’m in love with you

Neomu neutjin anhatgil
Ijeya kkaedareun nae mam badajugil
Neutge aratjiman ijeya aratjiman
I maeumeun jeoldae heundeulliji anha

Maybe you’re the one
Maybe eojjeomyeon (Maybe)
Eojjeomyeon niga (niga)
Naega gidarin banjjogingeonji

Maybe it is true
Eonjena neomu (eonjena neomu)
Gakkai isseoseo mollasseonnabwa

Baby I’m in love with you
Baby I’m in love with you
Baby I’m in love with you
Baby I’m in love with you
Baby I’m in love with you
You Know

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Who knows IU?????IU have a real name,that is……look the profile here!!!

Name:Lee Jieun

Stage name: IU

Birthday: May 16, 1993

Height: 165 cm

Weight:  47 kg

Blood Type: A

Debut: September 24, 2008

That’s all!!! Thank You.IU say thank’s too…


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SuJu Profile…………………


Real name:Park Junsu

Mandarin name:Li Te

Nickname:Angel Without Wings,Gaeteuk,Special Leader,Peter Pan (kgk nyambung <_<),dan Ori.

Born:1  July 1983

Place of birth:Seoul,Yeonshinnae

Height: 178 <—– NOT REAL HEIGHT


Weight: 59 kg

Blood group: A

Religion: christian




Real name: Kim Heechul

Mandarin name: Xi Che

Nickname: Heenim, Cinderella, Flower, Kim Pink, Kim Moodswing, Kim Cherry, Snake/Ular, Heerobbong,Heebongie Hyung.

Born: 10 Juli1983

Place of birth: Hoengseong area, Kangwondo; but lived in Wonju, Kangwon Do

Height: 179 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Bloog group: AB

Religion: Atheis/Agnostik

Position:Sub leader,rapper,and sub vocal



Real name: Han Geng

Nickname:Beijing fried rice



Born:9 Februari 1984

Place of birth: Mudanjiang, Provinsi Hei Long Jiang

Blood tipe:B


Position:Dancer leader,sub vocal



Real name:Kim Jongwoon

Mandarin name:Yi Xing

Nickname:Cloud, Dog,Rabid Dog.

Born: 24 Agustus 1984

Place of birth:Chunahn, Provinsi Choongchung Selatan

Height:178 cm

Weight:64 kg

Blood tipe:AB


Position:Vocal leader



Real name:Kim Youngwoon

Mandarin name: Jiang Ren

Nickname: Bear Kangin, Strength Kangin, Korea No.1 Handsome Guy, Kang Kings, Kkang, Neoguri,Youngchoon.

Born:17 Januari1985

Place of birth:Seoul,Seodaemoongoo,HongEunDong

Height:180 cm

Weight:70 kg

Blood tipe: O


Position:Sub vocal



Real name:Shin Donghee

Mandarin name:Shen Dong

Nickname:Dongri Dong Dong,Dolpan Ogyupsal

Born:28 September 1985

Place of birth:Moonkyung, Provinsi KyungGi Utara

Height:178 cm

Weight:90 kg

Blood tipe: O


Position:Dancer leader,rapper



Real name:Lee Sungmin

Mandarin name:Cheng Min

Nickname:Sweet Pumpkin, Minimi

Born:1 Januari 1986

Place of birth:Ilsan, Provinsi KyungGi

Height:175 cm

Weight:57 kg

Blood tipe:A


Porsition:Leader vocal



Real name: Lee Hyukjae

Mandarin name:En He

Nickname:Jewel Guy,Monkey

Born: 4 April 1986

Place of birth:Goyangshi NeungGok

Height:176 cm

Weight:58 kg

Blood tipe: O


Position:Dancer leader,rapper,and sub vocal



Real name:Lee Donghae

Mandarin name:Dong Hai

Nickname:Fishy,Donghae Bada,Dorobbong,Tiger

Born:15 Oktober 1986

Place of birth: Mokpo, Provinsi Jeolla Selatan

Height:175 cm

Weight:60 kg

Blood tipe:A


Position:Dancer leader,sub vocal,and rapper



Real name:Choi Siwon

Mandarin name:Shi Yuan

Nickname:Simba,Ma Siwon,The Lord No.1 Fan

Born:7 April 1986

Place of birth:Seoul Gangnam

Height:183 cm

Weight:65 kg

Blood tipe:B


Position:Sub vocal



Real name:Kim Ryeowook

Mandarin name:Li Xu

Nickname:Eternal Maknae

Born:21 Juni 1987

Place of birth:Inchon Bupyung Sanggokdong

Height:173 cm

Weight:58 kg

Blood tipe:O


Position: Vocal leader



Real name: Kim Kibum

Mandarin name:Ji Fan

Nickname:Snow white,Yangban Kim

Born: 21 Agustus 1987

Place of birth:Seoul

Height:179 cm

Weight:58 kg

Blood tipe:A





Real name:Cho Kyuhyun

Mandarin name:Gui Xian

Nickname:Kim Kyu,Game Kyu,Jumong Kyu,Chic Kyu,Maknae,etc (because he has 967 nickname)

Born:3 Februari 1988

Place of birth:Seoul Nohwon

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 68 kg

Blood tipe: A


Position:Vocal leader

Dah,itu tadi profile para vokalis SuJu.Berikut foto mereka yach!!!!

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2PM at JITEC,Mangga Dua,Jakarta


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2PM come to Indonesia for the second time!!!!!!!!!!! But in Jakarta(-_-,why not in Surabaya?) WELL,2Pm come’s to Indonesia  for running 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour.They say,a very warm welcome from Indonesia and hysterical.2PM personnel is Taecyeon,Wooyoung,Junsu,Nickhun,Junho, and Changsung.At JITEC,they sing a song for the opening is Hot,after that Electrity and Hands Up.That song is good for  our spectator,because that song raise the adrenaline of spectator.And,our spectator is stand on they chair.And Taecyeon say “Indonesia,how are you guys? Before we go to next song,please do not stay away from your seat.Please sit.” Overall, the Korean boy band active since 2008 it is good at controlling emotions the audience.The next song is Crazy For You,Wait and Tired,Besides You,and I Can’t.Stage is very wide and spectacular lighting make our concer so good.They stage have a catwalk,so our personil can advance to see our spectator.They sing 25 song for this concer.For the closing ,they sing a song Thank You so touching.And they say(in Bahasa Indonesia) ” Terima kasih atas kedatangan kalian.Kami sangat bahagia.Kami berharap,kalian tidak kecewa karna ini lagu terakhir kami.” Our spectator want 2PM to sing again and 2PM sing a song 10 Out of 10 and Hands Up for the last song.


2PM meet with hottest(the name for 2PM fans).2PM tell some story about 2PM condition and industri at Korea.They say,war of girl band and boy band at Korea is so tight.If want to be famous,must work hard to be famous.Some media say,if Indonesia have a new boy band and girl band,like boy band or girlband Korea.Junho give a comment about that situation “For me,that is a proof that we become part of the emergence of  boyband and girlband in Indo- nesia.” The first time 2PM  appear,they personil is 7,but Jaebom is out from 2PM because he have give negatif comment to Korea.Because that,2PM just have 6 personnel.For maintain cohesiveness after losing one of the personnel must have been heavy.2PM have a yells,that is ‘Don’t Stop,Can’t Stop,2PM up’.


2PM arrive on Wednesday,November 9th 2011.After they arrive,at night they direct to have a gym,they doing gym at night because they don’t want a disappointingin front of hottest.

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5 cute actor from Korea…….

HELLO EVERY BODY!!!!! Well,just for this articel,we will discus about 5 cutest Korean actor.Who?? Can you guess it? For me,I have 5 ok??!!?!?! The first is……..ok,one more time,can you guess? First,my recommendation is Kim Bum!!!! I will give you his data themself:

Biodata Kim Bum :
Nama Populer : Kim Bum
Nama Lengkap : Kim Sang Bum
Profesi: Aktor
Birthday: 07 Juli 1989
Height: 181 cm
Weight : 63 kg
Zodiac : Cancer

Hobby : Watching TV,be a rapper,playing playstasion,like to play soccer and kendo.
Favorite food: samkyeobsal (barbeque Korea)
Favorite colour: Hitam
Favorite number : 7
Favorite musicians : T (Yoon Mi Rae)
Favorite actress or actor : Hwang Jung Minso yi jung
Agency : EYAGI Entertainment
Education: Kyun Bok High School
Jungang University (Movie and Theater Department)

Soap opera, starring Kim Bum
Dream (SBS) (SBS, 2009)
Boys Before Flowers (KBS2, 2008)
I Like it Hot (2008)
East of Eden (MBC, 2008)
Unstoppable High Kick (MBC, 2006)
Outrageous Women (MBC, 2006)

Kim Bum done,who is the next? How about Lee Min Ho??? Well,if you like this guy,SO GIVE YOUR COMMENT TO MY POST.Ok,this the profile…..
Lee Min Ho Profile:
Name: Lee Min-ho | Lee Min Ho
Profession: Actor
Birthday: June 22, 1987
Place of birth: South Korea
Height: 185 cm.
Zodiac: Cancer
Blood type: A
Films in starring Lee Min Ho:
Our Home Teacher (2008)
Public Enemy Returns (2008)
Drama series starring Lee Min Ho in:
Boys Over Flowers (KBS2 / 2009) – Go Jun Pyo
But I Do not Know too (MBC, 2008) – Min Wook Gi
I am Sam (KBS2 / 2007) – Heo Mo Se
Mackerel Run (SBS, 2007) – Cha Gong Chan
Secret Campus (EBS, 2006) – Park Doo Hyun
Recipe of Love (MBC, 2005)
Sharp 1 (KBS2 / 2003).
If Lee Min Ho done,who know Wooyoung????The personil of  2PM!!! THIS THE WOOYOUNG PROFILE:
Jang Woo Yung profile
Name : Jang Wooyoung
Role in 2PM : Sub Vocal, Dancer
Nickname : Boo-ung-ee (Owl)
Date of birth : 30th April 1989
Height : 178cm
Weight : 65kg
Blood Type : B
Religion : Buddhist
Languages : Korean, minimal English (in order of fluency)
School : Howon University
Hobbies : Music appreciation, Websurfing
Specialties : Dance
Ideal Woman : A girl that comes into his heart immediately
Fav Food : All the food
First Seen : -Nil-
Shows : Mnet Hot Blood (2008), MBC Idol Army (2008-2009), Mnet It’s Time 2PM (2009)
THE NEXT IS,Kim Hyun Joong…..Ρ®ÔFÎ∫é:
Kim Hyun Joong:
Name: Kim Hyun Joong
Date of Birth: June 6, 1986
Occupation: Singer and Actor
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Blood Type: B
Zodiac: Gemini
Education: Kyonggi University
Hobbies: Playing guitar, piano and dance
Next is Kim Ki Bum ( not KIM BUM), THIS THE LAST PROFILE….
Name: Kim Ki Bum
Birthdate: August 21, 1987
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Blood Type: A
Zodiac: Leo
Hobby: Boxing Playing Starcraft
Siblings: 1 yeodongsaeng, Sei Hee Kim
Religion: Christian
FINISH ALL,there is 5 profile from (for me) 5 CUTEST KOREAN ACTOR. Ρ∫èÀ§Ê ∫èäΛË A COMMENT!!!
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Comment please?

If you have WordPress account,please,see my blog,and give a comment for my articel or my blog.Please?? Give it to my blog….

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